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          Crossing the world, A view to the future

          Welcome to inquire!

          Guizhou SINO-PHOS Chemical Co., Ltd.

          Add: 11/F Zhongxia Mansion, NO. 109 North Zhonghua Road, Guiyang, Guizhou, China

          International trade center
          Contact: Mr. Huang +86-851-86813359

          Domestic trade division
          Contact: Miss. Li +86-851-86864170

          HR division
          Contact: Mr. Wang +86-851-86864171

          Fax: +86-851-86830401
          Skype: +86 13809422380
          E-mail: sino-phos@sino-phos.com
          Website: http://www.hopeandfearmovie.com

          If you are looking for a local contact person, addresses or phone numbers, please contact the sales office for your region.

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